Brother and Sister by Angela Benander

I threatened to murder my brother once. It was a hot summer day in his room at the top of the stairs, littered with dirty clothes and He-Man action figures. It was 1986.… Continue reading

‘Why Not Me’ by Jen Bosworth

My mother was diagnosed with cancer for the second time in 2010 less than a month before my wedding.  Since then weird things started happening to me. I began to dream about Jack… Continue reading

‘Oh You Shouldn’t Have’ by Johanna Stein

So I’ve just squeezed a nine-pound girl child through my hoo-ha. She’s being cleaned in the hospital nursery while her new, freaked-out father keeps watch. I am still in the delivery room, feeling… Continue reading

‘Missed Connections’ by Samantha Irby

I’m not one of these people who considers herself as a romantic. I can appreciate romance, but that’s only if you understand the word “appreciate” to mean “roll my eyes in bitter, disgusted… Continue reading

‘Insidious’ by Shannon Cason

I had lost $1200 on the blackjack table and overdrew my checking account another $1000 chasing the original $1200. But being that I was chasing, I lost that $1000 fast. The ride home… Continue reading